August 2006


Letter to the Editor


For the last year I have been researching the history of the Cape Brett Light House.

This construction project was a true mission for all the people involved at the time.

Building the Light House was in the nature of the real pioneer New Zealander.

To read what the builders, and later the Light House Keepers had to endure, is very interesting. 

The people of New Zealand should be very proud of the work  that has gone into this country, by the people who have gone before us.

It is my intention to set up a web site in dedication to the Cape Brett Lighthouse,and the people who built it and manned it.

This website would be a place where people can share their stories, and also read up on the history of this master piece for its time. 

If you have any information to share, please post it to P O Box 41-150 St Lukes, Auckland, or email or phone Shane 09 8465567.


Shane Taylor